Rollin´60's Neighborhood Crips ´- Information.

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Rollin´60's Neighborhood Crips ´- Information.

Post by DeathByEye on 4/29/2013, 16:47


The Rollin' 60´z neighborhood Crips were found in the early 70's. Just another criminal organization organized to terrorism the streets, rule the neighborhood and community. They communicate often with each other with the ''Street-Code'' appearance and have furious expressions against their sworn enemies. The Bloods. Their main goal is to launder money, scam people, rob, murder, but mainly of everything, to eliminate and execute the Bloods. Near the year 1980. The Rollin 60's were the strongest and even richest Crip set in Los Angeles. Their ruthless living and violence was their life-style. A living only a true gangster would handle.

The Rollin 60's use blue colors as gang affiliation and as well tattoos. The Rollin 60's are ruling the 60th Jefferson Street. And mostly the whole Jefferson District. They' use a heavy alliance with the Kelly Park Crips as they're neighbor sets. They have soft truce with the Grape Street Watts Crips. But strong war with the other sets of Crips.

You could easily recognize the Crips on their gang affiliations, their fast temperament and ruthless living. Near the year 1981, the crips begun to use Purple colored clothing as well to identify each other. The specific MOTTO of Crips ''Crip or Die''.


Shot Caller
Terrance 'Kurrupt' Crenshaw.

Original Gangster
Unknown '???' Unknown.

Unknown '???' Unknown.

Baby Gangster
Unknown '???' Unknown.

Unknown '???' Unknown.

Unknown '???' Unknown.

Unknown '???' Unknown.

The shot caller is the one who makes things happen within the gang. He's the one who running 'shots'. He makes sure the gang is under control and do what they got to do. He can do anything within the gang what he thinks is most necessary.
The Original Gangster is one of the most members with most knowledge, simple veterans of the gang. They know what's best. The Right hand is also within this rank but not mentioned as its own. Therefor hes counted as a Original Gangster. You speak with these guys if someone messed with you recently.
Gangster is the one to go to if you are in need of good cash, he'll give you a errand and you'll run it. The Gangster is one of the veterans actually, but not mentioned in the Original Gangster hierarchy. The gangster has a much less reputation though. The Gangster can run its own crew but still below strict command of the O.G's.
Baby Gangsters are the ones who are very experienced in the gang, the ones who have wore the pride of a Crip in honor. He has executed multiply of bloods and know himself worthy, he know himself loyal. He has proven himself extremely much.
Mercenaries are the ones who actually have knowledge to the streets, the ones who wear his pride, the ones who has got proven, the ones who still prove. These guys are not to mess with.
Thugs, the thugs are the most common hierarchy, doesn't matter what set you are in crips, everyone has a thug. The Thugs are the ones who recently improved his reputation and got finally official in the gang itself. He still prove himself, but he has got loyalty enough for the gang. He often runs with outsiders, known as scrubs, to make sure they do what they got to do.
Scrubs, the Scrubs are the ones who are unofficial. They are still newcomers and has to prove themselves before getting really appreciated. They do small shoplifting, robberies, those guys are actually murderers. But they still are puzzies in the gang, till they're thugs. They show HUGE fear and respect to higher ranks but are ruthless against hoodlums.

Rules of the Faction (OOC rules mentioned ONLY)

1. - Never assault another person without reason which is In Character.
2. - Never use Out of Character information within the In Character purpose and knowledge.
3. - Never insult another player/member of the community in a Out of Character situation.
4. - Don't blame each other Out of Character, use correct formation and head to the Reporting Section, with evidence.
5. - Never commit non role playing events.
6. - While you're getting official to the faction, you're automatically accepting our terms. You can decline if you wish.
7. - You cannot character kill a higher rank than yourself.
8. - You cannot character kill another faction leader unless you got permission to and agreement by the other player.
9. - You cannot character kill someone due to a Out of Character reason.
10. - Don't fool around because you're bored. /quit and join a free-roam server instead of spoiling RP for others.

Terms of the Faction (OOC rules mentioned ONLY)

While joining the faction as unofficial member, and wish to quit, you will be Player killed and your memory about the faction will get lost. If you're about to get official in the faction you can accept it and decline it if you don't want to be a part of it. When you accept to being a official member of the faction and wish to leave afterwards, you will be forced a Character Kill. You will be kicked from the faction if you have a less role play. You are not allowed to be inactive for longer than 2 weeks without mentioning it to a official member.

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